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I think I need an upgrade

Definitely getting old: feeling a tad broken right now after a fencing competition and a TMTCH gig.


Bit of a crap performance yet again at the Invicta on Saturday.
  • Was surprised to get a text from tinkerbell1980 at 6.30am. I had a fencing competition to get to, what was her excuse for being up that early on a weekend?!
  • The competition organisers' route plan estimated 2 hours travel time. My GPS said 1.5. Fortunately, I believed the latter. Got there dead on time but needn't have bothered: checkin wasn't ready and the pool sheets had to be drawn *3* times!
  • Ended up in the same poule as Grant as we'd entered under different clubs
  • I'd pointed out David Hilier and mentioned how he seemed to always end up in my poule and giving me a good kicking. Sure enough, he ended up in our poule... At least I managed to hold him to 4-5 this time so maybe there's hope for me yet.
  • After we both got eliminated in the first DEs, we had a dilemma about entering the Plate: I had The Men They Couldn't Hang to get to and Grant wanted to catch the rugby matches. It eventually got going 5 minutes before my deadline. Sailed through my first two rounds, including beating a guy who beat me in the poule but, in the Last 8, I kind of lost interest as I realised the time. Not sure I'd have won even if I had been going all out though.
  • Definitely do not approve of the increasing numbers of flourescent pink mesh masks being worn by various female epéeists.
  • Had an amusingly politically incorrect conversation with Grant about how some female fencers filled a pair of breeches very nicely...
  • Caught up with Kev and discussed Malta plans a bit. He plans on going back to the Santana and I'm tempted to join him as I really don't fancy going back to the Palm Court (accomodation without airconditioning is tyranny!)...
  • My iffy right knee is now joined by left knee and stiff and acheing arms and shoulders
  • And yet, I am tempted to take up an invite to pop along to Haverstock (makes me wonder why I didn't think of that myself, it's in Chalk Farm which will be much more convenient than LTFC in Hammersmith)
  • Got home (via Bexleyheath to drop Roger at the station), dumped stuff and jumped straight on the Tube to meet Kate.

The Men They Couldn't Hang

Red is the colour of the new republic
Blue is the colour of the sea
White is the colour of my innocence
Not surrender to your mercy

Wob, the support act, was enthusiastic but didn't really grab me. The only thing I can actually recall from his act was a mention that Swill is playing in Kilburn on 28 March.

The Men They Couldn't Hang were superb yet again. I especially liked that they had decided to do some songs they hadn't done in a while as well as their signature stuff like The Colours and Ghosts Of Cable Street. Yet another display of spectacularly arhythmic bouncing about by me, much Murphy's was consumed (had to respond when tinkerbell1980 texted that she was drinking Magner's to say that I figured I had the better deal!), picked up Swill's 2 solo CDs and Paul Simmonds' book on TMTCH lyrics. Shame the Demos and Rarities CD wasn't ready yet though. Need to book for Bristol/Thekla now... Also rather cruely texted Simon a couple of times to remind him what he was missing.

Because we decided to have one last Murphy's, we left the 100 Club a bit late. Fortunately, I was able to catch the last Edgeware train to Camden Town and then the last High Barnet one home though.

Lunch with Liz

Liz is really starting to scare me. Met up with her on Sunday at Tottenham Court Road, just outside Orbital Comics so I sheepishly asked if she minded if I popped in to get new issues. After doing so, I realised she was inspecting a shelf of X-Men graphic novels. Far from being shocked or appalled as I expected, she said she wanted to get some and asked for recommendations (Morrisons' New X-Men and Clarmeont's Dark Phoenix arcs were my tips)! This on top of starting to fence, asking for BSG season 3 eps and wanting to go to another Shakespeare Head meet. If she starts playing Oblivion, buying airsoft guns or registering for cons...

Still, very pleasant dim sum lunch at the Lido (thanks to rjatsy for the tip. Helped a lot that it had Banana/gweilo-friendly English menus. Bit of a challenge trying to identify Jewish-friendly items though!
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