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Quiet night at fencing and some picspam

Fencing last night was a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, I seemed to be getting the hang of landing hand/wrist hits and a couple of guys commented on my "suck in" moves, pulling most of my body right back as they attacked but leaving blade in line, and my knee only flared up a couple of times. On the other hand, it was rather quiet on the epée front: no Grant, no Katherine, really just Alan, myself, a young chap with a shiny new weapon and whatever foilists we could talk into digging out an epée. Quite frankly, I needed more practice!

And now, some picspam:

First up: a PvP cartoon posted by a friend on the LOTNA list:

Very funny but it did actually also make me think. Can't recall the last time I saw something on TV/DVD/whatever for the first time with anyone else. Seems almost a quaint notion now!

It did also remind me of this Dilbert cartoon:

More picspam. A few photos from Fort Widley. There's also a couple from Elite Epsom showing Charlie, resident mad dog (with a penchant for chasing after grenades and other pyro) in the latest phase of his ongoing war with the generator!
Tags: airsoft, bsg, fan, fencing, picspam

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