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Interesting few days. But, first, a few more random EoD recollections:

Taking part in a scene reenactment/prop demo with Sparky because Heather volunteered me and getting slightly confused because the other chap and I discovered our scripts weren't entirely identical!

Realising on the Saturday evening that a Bacardi Breezer is probably did not go too well with the Bishop costume!

Forgetting to pack cufflinks for my tux for Prom Night party. When I mentioned this to a certain someone who shall remain nameless for now to spare her blushes, she suggested I ask the "the S&M guy" as he had lots. Somewhat unexpected but very good to know I thought. Then she mentioned he'd tied her up with them there in the bar the previous night. Now I was puzzled - I have a large cuff link collection and I'd never thought of them in that way! Upon trying to clarify this, she admitted that she'd thought I meant handcuffs! Decided they wouldn't go too well with a dress shirt...

So, the next morning, I went round everyone in the dealers' room asking if they had any cuff links. Good news: the Who Shop did. Bad news: all they had were Voyager/Starfleet ones :-( Decided that was still better than floppy cuffs all evening so I bought them. Deeply mortified though...

There was a couple who did a great karaoke performance of Meat Loaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light which Jackie and I ended up semi-emulating/accompanying from our seats. Been digging up my Meat Loaf albums since and even went out and got his most recent one!

Then, first post-EoD trauma - the 96Mb Compact Flash card from my digital camera self-destructed when I tried to pull Thursday-Saturday's photos and video clips off it. Argh!!!!

After some initial panic, use of various bits of software and geekomancy, including invoking the relics of the great God Peter Norton have allowed me recover the majority of the photos and 2 out of 5 video clips - one of the tech crew doing the macarena on the balcony (with almost as little coordination as me) and one of Jackie's first Catatonia performance. Alas, I suspect recovering anything more will required real necromancy :-(

Then, back to work. Hectic few days, gearing up for final presentation. Was in office till ~2am on Thursday morning and back in again by 7.15am. Urgh. Presentation itself went very well, audience was challenging and asked lots of questions but that was actually good here because we could handle it - we knew far more than was on the slides and this allowed us to show it. Besides, I can blather on about anything games-industry related till Kingdom Come!

That dones, sloped off home early and just about managed to watch the last two episodes of Angel before crashing out. Hmm... interesting is all I can say. Definite prospect of big changes if it gets renewed.

Today, final day: admin and tidy up and preparation of my first ever invoice as a freelancer. Bloody Hell. I so want a permie job again! On Monday, time to start looking for a real job.

Also met up with some old school friends and caught X-Men 2 again, this time at the Odeon Leicester Square. Just as enjoyable second time round. My friends aren't especially big X-Men fans but still thought it was great. Also bought yet more X-Men comics from Comics Showcase round the corner :-)

Right, time to get some sleep.
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