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Low-tech time travel...

Me: Looi, you are a bloody moron!
Omnes: So say we all!

There I was working on the work laptop yesterday afternoon when Outlook flashed up a reminder that I was due to attend a lecture on the iPod and digital consumer electronic markets at Imperial in an hour. I'd completely forgotten about it (and thought I'd be fencing) so I panicked, changed in a hurry and rushed out the door.

I was well on the way to South Kensington before I realised I'd left home without my PDA and, rather more importantly, the work laptop was still on European time. Yep, the reminder had come up 2 hours ahead of time. Doh! Oh well, stopped off at Tottenham Court Road to pick up comics.

The lecture itself was pretty good. To be honest, the key points were fairly obvious and by now well known i.e. network externalities, forget about existing industry definitions, solve a real problem etc but was well organised and delivered, with lots of good illustrative examples and fun little factoids too like the US coming from way behind to overtake France in terms of texts sent per head, largely because of American Idol or that Kodak was an early pioneer in digital photography but largely ignored it because it saw digital as a different market to film photography.

Had fun afterwards at the drinks session afterwards, chatting to a couple of old lecturers as well as a few other academics. Managed to get a card from someone who said she knows someone who's done a study on how management consultants' slides have got more complex over time. I *so* need to read that!
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