mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Project Insight reunion

Met up with a couple of Renaissance ex-colleagues last night. Even more specifically, we all worked on the same project in Utrecht! There should have been a couple more but we had the usual attrition from other commitments etc coming up. Still, a fun, boozey evening swapping war stories from Utrecht, Amsterdam and other places. Still amazes me that we're all still so close (dread one day discovering someone's written management consultant slash... I suppose I should be grateful that he doesn't seem to recall his burntcopper-induced introduction to slash fiction). Bit of a shock though to go from £2.50 for a bottle of Spitfire at Redemption to £4.50 a pop! Still, guess that's City bars for you.

Weird thing was that Derrick still vividly recalls *one* email message I sent in Amsterdam (back in 1998, no less!), just because the subject header was "Meat! Meat! Meat!" - I felt the urge to go out to consume unfeasibly large quantities of ribs and frozen Margaritas that evening and just wanted to know if anyone would care to join me. In honour of that, he insisted we go to Chop House for dinner. Hey, no objections from me. Had to have the Beast of the Day option on the menu :-)

Steve's now trying to persuade me to join his crew for a sailing trip of some sort. Given the breadth and depth of my sailing experience, I can only conclude he's getting desperate. Other problem is that it's over May Bank Holiday so I believe it clashes with Civil War Re-enactment things.

Think it may be time to set up another general Rens London reunion.
Tags: nostalgia, work

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