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Catchup entry

Been a bit neglectful of my journals the past week. A large part of it has been down to completing Vietcong. Top game. Now, to summon up the courage to play it online too.

Speaking of games, I made it down to Horsham after the forensics woman came round Staurday morning, dusted a few things and concluded the guy had been wearing gloves. Guess there can't be too many criminals about these days who'd be so stupid as not to these days. Anyway, David and I spent much of the weekend then playing various network games. I also introduced Sally, David and Karen to the pilot of Dead Like Me and it seems to have gone down well with them.

Monday: got back to London in the evening to meet up with Liz to see Pirates of the Carribean. Top stuff! A great ripping yarn - Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush were especially great. Makes me want to see Cutthroat Island now just to see if it really was that bad!

Other things I've been up to: got my WinTV PVR card in the living room PC up and running again and have been doing video captures of old video tape recordings - plan is to burn these onto CD-R and ditch the tapes.

Also been experimenting more with video editing and DVD authoring. Current projects - putting Space: Above and Beyond and China Beach episodes onto DVD.

Those China Beach episodes have been another major consumer of my week: some kind soul has been posting a whole bunch of episodes on Usenet. China Beach was a series set around the US medical and R&R facility at China Beach near Da Nang during the Vietnam war. I loved this when it was first shown.

Hell, China Beach was the first series I followed on satellite back when I first got my BSB (yes, really!) dish. Interestingly, it appears to be as good as I remember it.

Actually, I think it's better than I recall as the first time round I was a bit thrown by the way the fourth season started to jump back and forth between the characters at China Beach in 1968-69 to various points after they returned to the US, all the way to the 80s. Coming back to it after all this time, I can better appreciate what the programme was trying to do. Only covering the period at China Beach put the characters into a little time capsule but by showing they had lives after their time in Vietnam, they became far more believable - people rather than simply characters. Watching the final episodes again certainly gave me a lot more food for thought than pretty much anything else I've watched on TV recently, and that include the likes of West Wing and Dead Like Me!

Of course, it also doesn't hurt that Dana Delany as lead character McMurphy looks even more fetching in olive drab fatigues than Amanda Tapping! He said, lowering the tone once more.

Right, time for bed - am off to an airsoft pistol/CQB event at Sopley tomorrow morning.
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