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Well **** me, it's cold out there!

At some point I expect to work out why I thought it'd be a good idea to meet a colleague I hadn't seen since September (despite us being both nominally UK-based) in Gamla Stan, the old city, for dinner this evening. We ended up in this place he'd walked past a few times and wanted to check out. I was somewhat amused to realise we were in an Indian restaurant. Yep, we'd come all the way to Stockholm to have a curry! :-) However, definitely cold. Walking back downhill to the T-Bana station afterwards, we were trying hard to strike that delicate balance between walking too slowly and freezing and too fast and slipping on the ice and packed snow.

Still, pretty nice catching up. It also reminded me that, only some 7-8 months late, but I need to claim my prize money for that World Cup results prediction competition I rather embarassingly came second in. Shame I didn't remember a couple of days previously. It should be just enough to pay for a beer in Stockholm!

The training today was pretty interesting. Lots of practical advice and feedback. Hopefully have a chance to put at least some of it into action at the panel this weekend.

Had a scary moment beforehand when I suddenly realised that I had an hour less to prepare for the session than I thought. Outlook really needs some sort of option to specify time zone when setting the time for an upcoming appointment...

Also been getting multiple copies of a couple of texts (about 6 copies each!) from Liz. Seems they're not showing up in her outbox so I can only assume that there's some sort of glitch between operators, most likely between Orange and whichever Swedish operator I was roaming onto last night.

Now also working on another proposal that could take me back to Helsinki. One of these has to come off... Heh. I'd rather commute to Stockholm or Helsinki than Reading! Oh well, back home tomorrow. Shame I won't be home in time to get to either fencing or Oysterband at the Arts Depot though. Ah well. And I'm starting to think I should have brought the hip flask out here with me.
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