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Another calendar clash

Just had a reminder that the Old Boys vs school fencing match is this Saturday. Bugger.

Had an interesting afternoon - seems today is Fettisdagen, equivakent of Mardi Gras, apparently, and this is celebrated in Sweden by eating a "Semla". The best description offered so far is "a creamburger". A colleague procured a whole load of these and I even had a meeting put back 15 minutes so we could have a communal Semla session. This was also preceded by a bunch of emails flying around about whether the Semlas should be accompanied by a shot or two of vodka, most of the messages apparently between Finns and Swedes. Well, it's certainly been an educational day from a cultural perspective!

Also seem to have been assigned task of writing a brief article on mobile gaming (or any other topic of my choice). Knew this was coming as soon as the boss came up to me and asked me to nominate any hot topic of interest to me in the mobile space...
Tags: culture, fencing, sweden, work

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