mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Cute doggie (and gun) pictures

My sister pinged me on Skype yesterday to check up on my Chinese New Year plans ie to ensure I had some. While we were on, she got me to walk her through setting up her laptop's webcam with Skype (embarassingly, I have yet to install the wireless webcam on the main PC...) and got to see her doggies, Tasha and Poppy. Scary how big they are, given they're just 6 months old. Pictures behind the cut.

And, since I'm in a picspam mood, scans from the Airsoft Armoury 2007 calendar, Jan-Feb, behind this cut (warning: images of scantily clad women with replica guns!):

FYI, the weapons in question are:
  • January: Tanaka Works M700 AICS
  • February: Top M60 DX
  • March: Marushin M500 SSB Shorty Shotgun (8mm)

Doubtless people will rest easier in their beds for knowing that...
Tags: airsoft, family, picspam

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