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Miscellaneous catchup

Very enjoyable Beer and B7 meetup on Friday evening. Weird and enjoyable eclectic range of discussions including the likes of telecoms regulation as well as climate taxes as the more standard debates about Torchwood etc. Also discovered that pretty much all bar two of us were going to Redemption!

Speaking for cons, have also registered for Galactica Three, thanks to info from ladydchaos. Now, to avoid any intercontinental projects in August...

Turns out my mouse problem was a mice problem. Discovered fresh evidence of rodents although I initially simply suspected the evicted one had returned as I found the bait food was being removed without triggering the traps. So, use of lethal force, including chemical weapons, authorised. Toll now stands at three dead, two from spring traps, one apparently from the poison.

Unspectacular performance at the Slough Open epée. Did OK in the poules, won 3, lost 3 then got beaten 15-8 in first DE. Think I may have scared Mike with the random stuff playing out of my MP3 jukebox - think Graham's got used to it by now. Was also great to see Jo and Gary again; they also caused much amusement with their fencing Monopoly games in the cafe area between rounds.

No BSG this week. Bah. Also concluded that Ultimate Force seasons 1 and 2 were fairly entertaining but season 3 was a bit shit. Suspect season 4 may be similar...

Have an option from Helen on a ticket to see Spiers and Bowden in Reading (!) on 9 March (spare because Jeff can't make it due to work), presumably because I mentioned I was planning to go see Oysterband at Arts Depot, as is Helen. Having checked out three songs from their website, it is vaguely tempting.

Been summoned to Stockholm office, probably week after next because a) I'm one of the few who haven't done the presentation skills training b) it'd be handy for my current project and c) just because it's been a while since I was in! Only issue is making sure I get back Thursday evening so I can head up to Redemption reasonably early.
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