mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Classiest spam ever?

Got an email from the English National Opera today, inviting me to get into opera by attending a performance of the Marriage of Figaro, complete with £10 off top tickets. So, a mere £71 a seat... Think I'll pass, especially as I once saw Marriage of Figaro at Glyndebourne some years back. Still, at least it makes a change from the usual run of spam. Quite frankly, I think I'm more likely to be arrested for kerb crawling in the East End than go to the opera again.

Also got an email notification from Malayan Banking telling me one Chaw Can Yee has transferred RM513 to my account. Shame I don't actually have a MayBank account... Still, don't think it's a phishing mail. It's addressed to looi@looi.com which needless to say is not in use but there's no links (login or otherwise) from the mail for a start.

Lastly, God help me, I volunteered and have been accepted for a panel on The Rise And Fall Of Babylon 5 Fandom at Redemption. Must resist temptation to build an Excel model of fandom life cycles...
Tags: b5, cons, wtf

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