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The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Amazon's on crack! 
26th-Jan-2007 04:25 pm

Just got an email recommendation from Amazon:

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk,

As someone who has expressed interest in books by Ruth Thomas, you might like to know that Things to Make and Mend will be released on 1 February 2007.  You can pre-order your copy for just £7.79 (40% off the RRP) by following the link below.

  Things to Make and Mend
Ruth Thomas
RRP: £12.99 
Price: £7.79
You Save: £5.20 (40%)

Release Date: 1 February 2007

"Things to Make and Mend" tells the story of Sally Tuttle and Rowena Cresswell, school friends whose lives were changed at the age of fifteen by a shocking event. Now in their late thirties, they are estranged, both single mothers, both haunted with memories of their intense friendship. Sally is an embroiderer, a needlewoman ('the homelier sister of Wonderwoman'), who works at In Stitches, a repairs shop in East Grinstead. When she wins an embroidery prize and is invited to a conference in Edinburgh to deliver an embroidery lecture, she has to leave her teenage daughter Pearl alone and step into a new role - lecturer, prize-winner. Rowena Cresswell is in Edinburgh too, helping her son move out of his student accommodation. This beautifully woven, perfectly pitched story of two women caught in the shadow of their teenage years will stay in the hearts of readers long after they put it down.

Needless to say, I was somewhat thrown by this. One quick check on Amazon, however, and much becomes clear - there's a Ruth Thomas who co-authored the Farscape season guides. Now, I have no idea if these Ruth Thomases are the same person but I suspect Amazon's recommendations engine needs some further refining...

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