mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Car insurance time

Doh. For the last several years, I'd had my parents and sister as named drivers for the car, for whenever they flew in. However, I've just discovered that taking the parents off knocked £200 off the premium straight away as neither had full UK licenses. Have left my sister on but, it seems that while she does have a full UK license, she costs more to add on as a relative than if she had been a spouse as the first iteration of the schedule the brokers sent me had her listed!

So, overall, premium is much reduced from last year but still moderately painful though.

MCE PC developments: have put the Creative 5.1 speakers into the living room but cables are a bit on the short side. Have also ordered a Microsoft Media Centre Keyboard (along with a Saitek Eclipse II keyboard for the main PC). Resisted temptation to get a NAS enclosure though.

Have a vague concern that mild pain this morning in my lower back is connected with fencing last night as I've not had that problem before...
Tags: domestic, family, fencing, illness, tech

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