mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Sad mobile geek things

Sad mobile geek thing 1: You momentarily panic because you're about to head off to fencing at your Exclusive West End Club but you realise you've allowed your N80's battery to run flat.

Sad mobile geek thing 2: The panic is only momentary because the 6680 is charged and ready to go, following a quick SIM do-si-do.

En route, took HGST hard disk to UPS drop-off point at Tottenham Court Road for return and replacement. Wonder what they'll send me next?

Fencing tonight at ULU was pretty good, lot of close fought bouts. Even managed to get 10 points off Max, a distinct improvement over the meagre 5 two weeks ago. Closest thing to a downside is there's an ex-Navy guy gunning for a rematch because I beat him in 2 ultra-close bouts (16-15 and 15-13, well within the bounds of experimental error). Still, felt most flattered when he described me as extremely dangerous if he didn't keep his distance.

Had actually forgotten about asking Dutch!Girl about fishing mag email but she approached me because she noted I was wearing my sweatshirt from the Arnhem Airborne Museum. "Oosterbeek: that's a very Dutch sounding name" "Er... funny, that" Ah well, email adresses exchange and mail has been forwarded. Guess I'll soon find out that Erik Van Looi was a screaming pervert and she's passed my details to the Police...

Thanks to ksbpooks, now have details of Schola Gladiatoria, a medieval European martial arts society in Ealing. Now, I really don't need any more expensive and time-consuming hobbies but it does look interesting and they do have a chapter in Muswell Hill...

Been watching episodes of The Unit. It's increasingly bothering me with its portrayal of, well, pretty much every civilian US government agency. They're all shown just getting in the way of the Special Forces doing the right thing or even actually being deliberately obstructive or gutless. We're also expected to sympathise with them for ignoring minor constitutional issues like Posse Commitatus or ignoring or deceiving the FBI, CIA, State Department etc because they're the heroes. It's starting to give me the creeps in a way that even Over There didn't.
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