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Pleasantly busy weekend

Friday night: went with Kate to see Paul Simmonds playing at The Hive (Brentford football club). He was mainly playing new material but with a few The Men They Couldn't Hang tracks too, all acoustic.

Pretty good but has to be said, some of the TMTCH tracks, the especially anthemic ones like Ghosts of Cable Street and The Colours just sounded kind of weird in that format - felt like we needed to be shouting out the chorus etc! Swill also joined in a few songs too. Have to say, his voice sounded better... Naomi Bedford/Jonah Hex, the support act, was OK but nothing special.

After the peformance, as we were drinking up, we suddenly realised the chorus of the song being played appeared to mention RPGs. Several times. Quick check with the audio desk revealed it was by one David Rovics, an American protest singer, and, having heard some more of his stuff (pretty amusing) from his web site, I think I rather fancy heading back to The Hive to see him on 10 Feb!

So, overall, small, cosy, interesting and enjoyable affair - sometimes felt like we were the only ones who weren't close personal friends or relatives of the perfomers! Definitely going to go see the full TMTCH line up at Kettering on 2 March but not sure what else to do that weekend. On one hand, there's a UNIT-themed laser tag game near Milton Keynes, on the other hand, there's the Norfolkes' regimental banquet in South Gloucestershire. Kind of leaning towards the UNIT game right now.

Saturday: Shakespeare Head pub meet day. Headed in to meet findo (who was staying over) at Borders Charing Cross Road but London Underground wasn't making it easy. Charing Cross Northern Line branch was down and so was the Picadilly Line connection at King's Cross, which I didn't find out till I got there so some backtracking required.

The meet itself was great fun as usual; there was also a rather large turnout, spilling over out of our usual booths! Highlights being:
  • Discussion of the new Blake's 7 audios
  • burntcopper showing off her new tatoo
  • Learning of a sword fighting club in Ealing from ksbpooks
  • Liz popping round briefly to catch up with findo and miniosiris

One weird thing: andysears appeared to be in some sort of weird matchmaking mood. Hey, enough already, I got a grandmother for that!

Also got another poatcard from lissy111, from Hawaii this time. Sigh. I did like Hawaii. Yet another place on my ever growing list of places I must get to again one day. Sigh.

Sunday: headed over to Oriental City with findo for lunch. Usual problem with way too wide a selection of stalls and dishes. I think I really am going to have to try to get there more often.

Finally got round to watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Passable fare, I suppose, but definitely irritated by the lack of completion of the story. Sigh.

Also, forgot to mention: went to see The Last King Of Scotland on Tuesday with Liz (guilty of bunking of fencing at ULU to do so). That was very good indeed, especially Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin. James McAvoy's gradual horrified realisation of Amin's ruthlessness and instability was pretty impressive as well.

Next week: well, a former boss once said "In consulting, expertise is relative" Proof positive: despite openly saying that my Malay is rudimentary to the point of virtual non-existence, I'm still the closest in the company, it's similar to Indonesian and there's a market analysis project involving Indonesia (amongst other places). Well, at least I'm staffed on a billable project again!
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