mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Fun weekend

Not entirely sure why, but I decided to watch Before Sunrise (on Friday) and Before Sunset (today) again. I still find them a wonderful and delightful pair of films, especially given the simplicity of their premises (two people wandering around a city talking and getting to know each other better). Watching them both in short succession, however, Before Sunset really does have that tinge of sadness from knowing that Jesse and Celine didn't keep their 6 month appointment at the end of the previous film. Still really love those films though, even if they are somewhat at odds with the rest of my film collection! Guess maybe I'm just soft as shite at heart...

Saturday: met up with a small group of Horizon friends in London for Judith's Birthday, a bit of a surprise organised by the Supreme Commander. Met with Lucy and Dennis first at Forbidden Planet, then a short look round the British Museum. Made me wonder, even if I were to go down there once a week, how long would it take to see the whole place? Met up with the others and then, yep, back to FP! Must admit, I'm starting to feel tempted by a remote control Dalek or maybe Davros. Finished off with dinner at a nearby steakhouse, along with much enjoyable B7/fandom related chat and a suggestion we should try to do this sort of thing more often.

Otherwise, still struggling to get the MCE PC to output to the TV. Bah.
Tags: b7, films, tech

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