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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Happy New Year 
2nd-Jan-2007 11:15 am
Happy New Year and best wishes for 2007 to anyone reading.

Had a hectic few days but, arguably, they wouldn't have been quite so hectic if I hadn't spent quite so much time vegging out on the PC and Xbox 360 (chief offenders: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, Gears of War and SWAT 4, along with some replaying of Doom 3 and Quake 4 to revel in the X-Fi's 7.1 EAX sound effects)!

Friday and Saturday - popped down, along with PC, to Horsham for a few days to see Sally, David and Karen. Relaxed few days vegging out. Was particularly impressed by David's new Wii. Only played with the bowling and golf games on Wii Sports but loved how natural playing those felt by swinging the control wand appropriately. You just know Lucasarts *must* be working on a lightsabre game. Strikes me as crying out for a decent fencing/sword fighting game too. Might have to get one at that point, not that I have much choice right now, given the supply situation.

Headed back up to London Saturday evening for a small dinner party at Liz's but, on discovering that one of the people present had studied 17th century English history, she of course brought up the ECW re-enactment :-)

Sunday: headed down to Taunton with Kate for a small Norfolkes New Year gathering. Utterly grim drive down though - extremely heavy rain and spray, visibility minimal. Still, no incidents, bar passing a burning motorbike on the opposite side of the M4. Occured to me it was first New Year's Eve without the family and thus wasn't entirely sure what to expect - even had lyrics for AUld Lang Syne loaded up on the PDA, just in case ;-) I also almost forgot to pop the champagne in time... Fortunately, I was reminded just in time. Now thinking I need another overseas project to replenish champagne stocks...

Sad geeky thing: starting to wonder just how much SMS traffic spikes by on Christmas and New Year's Eves and how it compares in the UK with other countries...

Another sad geeky thing: I appeared to be one of only two people not actively playing Oblivion. Might have to invest in a copy. That many Norfolkes can't be wrong, can they? ;-)

A sure sign the year has whizzed by: as we were dispersing, the subject of meeting again at the NTB banquet came up. My first reaction was "What, *another* one?" but it was pointed out that it was merely an *annual* affair. Wow. Another eye-opener: hearing the talk about the Restoration society - those who'd been re-enacting so long that, if they'd started in 1642 when the war started, they'd have still been in service at the Restoration. Impressive enough except it seems a few present could also claim to have fought in the Bishops' Wars!

I think I may need to vary my order from the local Chinese takeaway. Popped there on returning home on Monday evening, gave my order and the girl behind the counter immediately hit return on the PC keyboard and told me the amount... Also noticed that the traffic light at the Northeastern corner of the high street and Fortis Green road is now set right by the corner building, not by the kerb as it used to be. Guess it's been knocked over too many times by mad drivers...

Now trying to plan out a weekend trip back out West. Seeing the Tank and Fleet Air Arm museums are long unfulfilled ambitions of mine but they always seemed too far out but on noting they're quite close to each other, a weekend trip to do them both looks pretty appealing right now.

Also looks like Hitachi are satisfied with my reassurances that I will not be using their kit for weapons of mass destruction. They've sent me a RMA label for the dead hard disk. In Excel format, oddly enough.
2nd-Jan-2007 12:16 pm (UTC)
I used to host a chat in my UK-SG1 chatroom on New Year's Eve, last one was in 2003. I also invited everyone else I knew online from other groups along. 3/4 years ago come midnight all us Brits were texting each, even those chatting to each other online! That seemed prefectly normal for us, but was quite a surprise for the Americans present. I can't recall which year but the question "what's a text" was certainly asked by one of them. I wonder if that's changed now and they have the same/similar mobile culture we do.

I've been to both the Tank Museuem if you mean Bovington and Fleet Air Arm, I think you'll like them ;-)

Though it was a long time ago, I was heavily pregant with David at the time, I didn't think the Fleet Air Arm was as good as Duxford. David was about 3 when I took him to Bovington and even at that age he loved the tanks! There's also a Lawrence of Arabia display there that I found very interesting.
2nd-Jan-2007 12:41 pm (UTC)
I wonder if that's changed now and they have the same/similar mobile culture we do.

The impression I have is that it's becoming more similar but there's still a very noticeable difference, down to things like inter-operator texting still being non-trivial and that whole called party pays system (ie you pay to receive a mobile call) which leads to many people keeping phones off unless they're making calls.

I've been to both the Tank Museuem if you mean Bovington and Fleet Air Arm, I think you'll like them ;-)

Yep, Bovington it is and, you know, I think you may just be right ;-)
2nd-Jan-2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
The Fleet Air Arm museum is well worth a look, I've been there a few times.

(game-related comment deleted as I didbn't read your post properly before inaccurately replying ;) )
3rd-Jan-2007 09:54 am (UTC)
Happy New Year Ming :-)
3rd-Jan-2007 09:58 am (UTC)
Thanks and same to you. Hope to catch up with you soon. One of my resolutions is to be a bit less crap at actually making it to LOTNA meets!
3rd-Jan-2007 10:56 am (UTC)
Shame you couldn't make the pub meet on the 30th, but it seems you had a bonzer time.
I know what you mean about Bovington & the FAA museums - another one I've always wanted to visit is the RN Submarine museum in Gosport.
3rd-Jan-2007 12:24 pm (UTC)
It was indeed, have many B7-related questions for you!

Thanks for the tip on the submarine museum, that does look rather tempting too. Rather amused that the GPS claims it can't plot a route from home to the museum postcode!
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