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I want one of these!

I've dreaming about one for a while but somehow has actually gone out and buily himself a TARDIS PC case. There was a brief article in this month's PC Format but the full glorious, step-by-step details are to be found here at http://www.m4gnum.com. Bloody Hell, I must have one. From what he's written, a case incorporating a full size ATX motherboard would be a metre tall but I reckon I can live with that. Probably need to be for the XP 3000 rather than for the X2 4800 as I can't see a handmade wooden case providing sufficient airflow and cooling for the latter. Besides, I figure it should be in the living room ;-)

Now, all I need to do is actually er... build one. Shame it's unlikely to be bigger on the inside. Be handy for extra drives etc. That said, at 1m tall, it's likely to have more than enough space for hard disks etc which means it might be handy for network storage...

Down at Sally and David's right now. Got woken up in the middle of the night by a cat tracking wet paw prints across my chest, shaking itself dry and howling at me to dry it off. Best I managed was "urgh..."

Need to fill up my five new icon slots too.
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