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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
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21st-Dec-2006 01:21 am
The things we do for lovemoney. Late night getting ready for final presentation. Dinner was greasy pizza at the office and limped home at 1.30am, up again a few hours later to get back to the office. Shit. I probably spent more time travelling home and back to work again than I did sleeping...

Still, presentation's done, a day or so's follow-up to wrap up and thus ends another project. Phrases one doesn't hear in meetings quite often enough: "It's time to shit or get off the pot"

Plan on making up for lost time, booze-wise

Tonight (Wednesday): team end of project piss-up with client guys at the Santa Fe in Reading. With a name like Moosehead, it had to be a Canadian beer. Also had a nostalgia attack and had some Cusqueña Peruvian beer too but highlight was definitely a caipirinha with a good, if somewhat rarer than expected, steak. Hmm... must make a return trip to the Gaucho Grill ASAP.

  1. Thursday: West End pub crawl with Team Sheep.
  2. Friday: May have finished in Reading but could well be back to meet up with some 'softer and re-enacter friends for a piss-up.
  3. Saturday: Horizon reunion/Christmas bash at the Supreme Commander's. Unlikely to involve much or anything in way of booze though.
  4. Monday: Christmas Day at colonel_maxim's

"Mom, PC's being a dildo!"
File transfer back to Behemoth following the RAID-5 setup was going well till Monday night when the screen started freezing after just a few minutes and then requiring a hard reset. Not clear what the cause might be, so much is new (e.g. X2 4800, RAID-5 config, individual drives, graphics drivers, Sound Blaster X-Fi, new XP install etc) but have drawn up plan of action to try to isolate the cause.

Things I want to do over Christmas break:
  1. Get Behemoth stable again!
  2. Resume authoring China Beach DVDs
  3. Build that new Media Centre PC

Speaking of Christmas, been a bit crap. Between work and feeling a tad grotty over the weekend, missed the deadline for sending Christmas cards. Damn.
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