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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
There's only one way of life... 
14th-Dec-2006 02:17 am
Looi Kin-Ming
Just 7 days to go till my Reading tour of duty is done. Guess I'm Short! Shame I'm going down with another case of the sniffles. Funny side effect of this project: I have come to really appreciate weekends as, during the week, I get home way too late and tired to do much more than grab a quick bite and go to sleep.

Just as well the weekend was a fun one then! Only snag about the weekend - I'd planned on building up a Windows Media Centre Edition PC but it dawned on me that, with the replacement SATA drives delivered to Reading, I couldn't actually reformat the disks holding my backup data and use them for the MCE PC just yet. Bah. Still, at least I have them now, RAID-5 array set up and formatting as I type.

As a group of us were seeing The Levellers on Sunday, Simon came down Saturday and we headed up to Airsoft Armoury as they'd had my leaky Western Arms Colt 45 gas mags in for quite a while for servicing. Occurs to me they have never actually called me to let me know anything I've put in for repairs was ready. Bah. Amazingly, I escaped without picking up any other gear. Probably helped that they had no FN FALs in stock!

After lunch and a bit of vegging out back home, we headed down into town to meet Kate for a drink. Ended up at the King and Queen near Goodge Stree which had an Adnams special, Tally Ho on. Danger signs:
  1. It was served out of a barrel
  2. It said "ABV: varies"
  3. The barmaid asked me to confirm I really did want to order 3 pints

It did make for a rather nice final drink of the evening though!

Sunday, I dragged Simon off to Oriental City food court for lunch. Usual problem with trying to decide which of the huge array of dishes from the large number of stalls to have but that's definitely a better class of problem. Also stocked up mochi, Sarsi, kueh and various other Malaysian goodies from the supermarket too!

Headed home, waited for Jo to arrive then headed off to Shepherds Bush to meet Kate and see The Levellers. Weird one. Enjoyable performance (dire support acts though) but we were right up in the rafters. I could see the heaving masses up at the front and even the level below us had a load of people dancing around but our level seemed remarkably subdued. Must book much, much earlier and get down in the pit next time! Ah well, got The Men They Couldn't Hang on Friday.

Had another weird small world thing today. Woke up as the train pulled into Reading, opened my eyes and realised the chap sitting opposite me was an ex-colleague from my last consulting job!

Now pondering Thursday evening options:
  1. Fence at Saxon
  2. Still kind of fencing-related, head into town to go to ULU fencing club Christmas party
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