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Well, that was embarassing...

Worst fencing competition performance ever on Saturday at the Miller-Hallett epée. Crashed straight to the bottom of my poule, winning only one bout and losing to a guy I've met regularly at competitions and always beaten reasonably easily till then. Sigh.

Key learnings. It's a bad idea to enter a fencing competition of the standard of the Miller-Hallett when you:
  1. Haven't been fencing all that regularly
  2. Are knackered from waking up at 5.30am during the week and then have to do so again on the day of the competition

All things considered, I'd have been far better off going straight to the Shakespeare Head for the Starfury pub meet but went to the competition mainly because I figured that if Jo, who was crashing over Friday night, could be arsed to come down all the way from Exeter for it, I should bloody well be able to get myself there too. Oh well, at least the Shakespeare Head had a decent selection of guest ales plus the Kopparburg pear cider with which to drown my sorrows.

On top of that, recently discovered one of my 250Gb SATA-II drives is on its way out. Thus spent much of Sunday hooking up old drives to copy off MP3s, videos etc before it's too late. Key learning - There is no redundancy in RAID-0! Once I get this drive replaced, I'm getting at least 1 more and setting them up as a RAID-5 setup...

On the bright side, went to see Casino Royale with Liz and friend in the evening. Have to say, overall, I rather liked the new rougher, more brutal style of Bond film but felt the ending rather dragged out. I was having serious Return of the King-style deja vu feelings.

Other good news: working from home on Friday. Bloody Hell, it felt good to be able to wake up at a reasonable hour and have a 10 second commute up to the loft to work. 3+ hours of my day back straight away. Bliss. Alas, back on the train gang again today...

BTW, don't suppose anyone out there's ever worked for Verisign or, more pertinently, a company that's been acquired by Verisign? Yep, we've been acquired. Not sure what to make of it just yet. Don't suppose I will for a while yet...

Just when I thought I had pretty much every airsoft I was interested in... the FN FAL from King Arms comes along. Even better, according to a chap on Arnie's Airsoft forums, this will take a real steel L1A1 foregrip without too much trouble for that authentic 1970s UNIT look!
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