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Catching up

Thus ends third week of commuting to Reading. Thought: it's like the Monday morning Stupid O'Clock flight. Only every morning. Am moderately touched though, that a friend pinged me because she'd noted my postings on the Horizon forums had dried up! Ah well, it'll all be over by Christmas... ;-) Still, I can think of worse ways to finish off a week than a big portion of Szechuan chilli chicken from the local takeaway, washed down with a Hoegaarden...

Anyway, some recent-ish weird stuff:

Got an invitation to a law firm party. Only thing is, AFAIK, the only connection I have to it is that I once worked for a company that had retained them!

Received another invitation to that Miss Malaysia Calendar Girl Models Search beauty contest, only for the Grand Final this time!

I suck. Bumped into an old school friend on the Tube this morning. He and another had caught up a weekend or two back but I was busy. He mentioned other friend was getting married soon, which came as a surprise as I'd been at his wedding! "Ah, you've missed the divorce, the new girlfriend, the new fiancee..."


Fairly subdued affair for various reasons. For a start, numbers were way down. Even though I registered only a week or so beforehand, I was still only number 464 or so. I imagine it's because there's so many SG events this month and many of the faithful have mortgaged their homes, souls and anything handy to do that Richard Dean Anderson event.

Secondly, I was a bit wiped myself. Two weeks of commuting to Reading and putting a full project day are clearly already taking their toll. Heh. Actually drove to the con straight from work, via Terminal 1 to drop colleagues off. Needless to say, they wanted to know why Heathrow was on my way...

Still, all in all, fairly enjoyable, did very few talks and no autos though. A few random highlights:

Front desk chap at the Sheraton, which I was staying at for only the second time: "You've stayed here before, haven't you?"

The SA-80 attracted a lot of attention (guess it makes a change from P-90s etc). A question one doesn't get asked every day, from some random girl: "Excuse me, can I fondle your weapon?" Pretty amusing too, seeing the look of surprise on people's faces when they realise how heavy the SA-80 is!

The blue UNIT beret also attracted some attention. Another random girl grabbed the beret and put it on. Her friend told her she looked very sexy in it so she turned to me and asked "So, you interested then?" to which I responded in my usual suave, sophisticated way.
"I'll come back later, when you're more drunk"

Got talking to another familiar looking girl who wanted a closer look at beret and SA-80. She asked my name and then mentioned "Oh, I know another Ming in Stargate fandom" at which point I thought, Scottish, female, ex-Army. "You're Kelspook, aren;t you?" "Oh, are you the same Ming then?" "I think I might be..."

Saturday: Shaun, Jackie and I did a group BSG entry and we picked up third prize (I think...). Not a bad return for poncing about in a costume I was going to wear anyway and bellowing "So say we all!" in the main hall a couple of times.

After doing Battlefield UNIT on Friday, had fun doing 70s wooley pullie UNIT with Andy - even managed to swap a couple of Battlefield badges for a round grid one with Tim. If I were to do more SG events, I think a greater UNIT presence would definitely be called for!

Sunday: Was most pleasantly surprised to hear T'Pau in the disco - a track off the rather obscure The Promise, no less! Regretably, couldn't stay too long as I a) was shattered and b) had to be up early to get to Reading next morning.

Biggest issue with the con - no info about when the Hell Galactica 3 might be!

Anyway, straight up the M4 on Monday morning to Reading and, irritatingly, I found myself first one in by an hour or so. If I'd had any sense whatsoever, I'd have gone home after work and straight to bed but, no..., a few text messages and I end up driving home, parking and jumping on the Tube to do post-fencing drinks without the fencing... Willpower, common sense? What are they? ;-) Still, very pleasant evening indeed. The George certainly looks different after its refit.

Actually got to fencing on Thursday. Alas, attendance was rather sparse. Ended up actually fencing foil as I didn't figure I'd come all this way just to sit on my arse in the gym...

In the morning, off to the Citylink depot to pick up latest order from Scan's very dangerous Today Only site: Creative Labs X-Fi and 7.1 speaker set. Then, down to Holborn to join the ULU guys for a tour of London duel sites/pub...
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