mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Long lost friend...

Oh, forgot to mention. Last Summer, I took my 7650 to Beltring as a backup phone as I had a bunch of work calls to make. I couldn't find it when I got home and just rather regretfully assumed I must have lost it at Beltring.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the CD bin in the car on Thursday night and suddenly saw the 7650 at the bottom of the bin! Now rather regretting having sold the 6600 on to David. Be nice to have the full set of Nokias I have used.

Well, strictly speaking, there'd still be a gap. Some bastard nicked my Orange 5.1 while in Holland. Sole consolation was that it was a single band phone and Holland didn't have any GSM1800 networks then so thp thief wouldn't have got much use out of it!

Hmm... 4 episodes in and I have to conclude that I am seriously unimpressed by Torchwood. The words "piss" and "poor" immediately spring to mind.
Tags: fan, tech

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