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Back from Edinburgh

Got back home a short while ago. Lots of whittering about Rosslyn Castle/Chapel and the Festival to follow but I felt the need to post one very important message:

Easyjet are a bunch of wankers who couldn't find their own arses with both hands and a torchlight.

They have lost my luggage - never showed up at Luton. OK, that sucks but it's not the first time ie Finnair failed to load my luggage when I flew to Helsinki a few years ago but at least they had a rep in baggage reclaim I could talk to. Not only did Sleazyjet have no one there, two phone calls to the airport ops centre and twenty minutes later, no one had showed up so we went in search of them, only to find out they'd shut their customer service (hah!) desk some five minutes previously. Fortunately, one of the airport staff called them and someone came down. Reports have been filed, irritation has been expressed, shoulders have been shrugged and now I just have to wait to see what transpires.

I now feel a strong desire to see Stelios flogged in public through the streets of London. Just for the avoidance of doubt, I'd just like to reiterate:

Easyjet are a bunch of wankers who couldn't find their own arses with both hands and a torchlight.
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