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Busy few days

Been a busy few days - suddenly went from being on the beach to having two assignments to work on. Fortunately, they were both in roughly the same area so it's more like just (!)1.5 than 2 things to work on.

Friday evening, went down to Head of Steam for Kate and Pat's belated Birthday drinks. Most pleasant evening marred, including a lot of B7-related geekery, only by the discovery it's being refurbished and renamed The Doric Arch or something equally poncey. Doesn't sound promising. Probably wasn't too smart to be out on the beer the night before a fencing competition (Sussex Open, just the epée for me this time) but, well, check in time was 10am and, quite frankly, based on Tuesday evening's performance, I figured it wasn't going to make a huge difference...

And, indeed, fairly feeble performance in the qualifying poules, got through one DE and that was it, last 64 somewhere. Heh. Graham and I had noted a huge number of VW camper vans heading to Brighton on some sort of rally so we joked about going down there too if we got eliminated early. Fortunately, we weren't quite One possibly worrying thing - my wrist was rather stiff and sore by the end. Hope it's nothing serious.

I know I still haven't got back up to speed yet since returning from Manila but even so, really need to sharpen up my performance. Talked with Jo and Graham about other clubs in London. They were also asking if I were planning on doing either Leicester or Bedford. Hmm... they're within a week or two of each other and Leicester's the day after a team friendly competition at ULU. Might be a bit ambitious but said I'd get back to Graham ASAP so he can plan transportation if I'm not going.

Big BSG DVD delivery from Amazon US arrived Friday but only opened them up last night because of work and the Sussex Open. Better let Liz know though - she wanted to get caught up on season 2 before season 3 starts.
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