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The evolution of homo geekus

First up: don't suppose anyone can recommend a good UK-based conference call service?

Anyway, went to Liz's Birthday drinks last night at the Old Bull and Bush near Golders Green. Went there once a few years back for lunch with my sister. Bloody Hell, it's changed. Less of a pub now and more like a poncey wine bar. Hell, there seemed to be as many people ordering coffee as beer at the bar! However, Liz says it's a Jewish thing - that they're not great beer drinkers. Must admit, I did seem to be the token gentile there :-) Still, a pleasant evening and pretty amusing to see Liz getting wasted on a couple of glasses of wine and haranguing me about the state of my personal life and hence lack of gossip for her!

Scary thing was, on being introduced to various of Liz's friends, invariably, I'd get asked how I knew her. Really not sure I needed the reminder that we'd first met on the MBA 12 years ago!

Still, it's been interesting watching her evolution over the years from polite nodding whenever I mentioned anything fannish or geeky to borrowing tapes and DVDs to deciding Crichton in leather trousers was a very good thing indeed through to now wanting me to host a BSG season 2 second half session so she can catch up before season 3 starts (wants copies of those as soon as they air too) *and* talking about wanting to do a con, preferably a Firefly or BSG one! Shame she didn't get on with B5, really...

Otherwise, bit concerned - got the Sussex Open (just epée for me) this Saturday but while there's ULU as usual tomorrow, Saxon's closed for a parents' evening. Likewise Wimbledom which Ach had suggested we try out. Could do with a second night's practice this week...
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