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Bummer. Fitting for the BSG uniform's been put back to Tuesday. Seems the job's a tad more complex than they figured. Still, at least they didn't try to extract more money out of me!

Surreal sight a few days ago: On the way to a meeting, spotted another of those Special Action Force guys in the Nintendoflage. Only, he was slouched against a railing, texting on a Mickey Mouse-adorned mobile while a kitten was playing with one of his boots. Kind of ruined the effect, really.

Also found another of those fake cannabis plants. Right outside our office. Really am starting to wonder how many there are in the building, who thought it was a good idea to manufacture them and who thought it was a good idea to decorate the building with them.

Off to see Corregidor in the morning. 7am pickup from the hotel. 7am on a Saturday. Ouch.
Tags: bsg, fan, military, wtf
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