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Well, went along to Glorietta Mall, found the tailor, got talking to a woman there, after some initial discussions about pricing for suits, enquired if they could make custom items, dug out a copy of the BSG Magazine. The answer was "yes", and, following a few awkward "is this a military uniform?"-type questions, have now picked out materials and been measured up. It'll be ready in a week. While I was at it, got measured up for a Mandarin-collar double-cuffed shirt too. Well, here goes nothing...

SMSed Kate to keep update her on the BSG uniform project (heh, if this works out, might have to explore getting a grey piping jacket and/or a dress uniform one made up too) and got a MMS in reply from Kelmarsh. OMFG! They have a portable shower block there this year. Ai, luxury! I can still remember the sniggers last year when I asked where the showers were...

We had dinner with client guys tonight. One of them, who's British, has taken to calling me Minger...

Was hoping to go see Corregidor tomorrow but the tour was fully booked. Oh well, next weekend, maybe...
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