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First 4 days in Manila

Well, after nightmare queue at Terminal 4 and subsequent late departure from Heathrow (seems this is a regular thing for KLM - they just don't have enough desks and staff; must cost them a bloody fortune in BAA fees!), rest of flight was pleasantly uneventful. Hell, even got upgraded to business class for the London-Amsterdam leg. Suspiciously luxurious for business class though (either that or I made a serious mistake flying BMI when I was working in Amsterdam for 18 months) - so much leg room I struggled to reach seat pocket with the seat belt done up! Shame it was just for that leg...

Random observations about what little I've seen of Manila thus far:

Yep. It's definitely rainy season in the Philippines. Not entirely convinced it's stopped since I got here. Some of the guys aren't best pleased about it but I don't mind too much - keeps temperatures comfortable.

Hotel/apartment's very nice. As I was first to arrive, I blagged the big room. Hell, I'm sure the wardrobes are bigger than some other hotel rooms I've stayed in. Only bummer thus was that initially, the bloody hotel had run out of broadband connections so I was bereft of connectivity there. Finally got set up this evening, quickly hooked up the Wi-Fi router so we have wireless Internet in the suite now. Woohoo!

Definitely security conscious. Had my luggage searched when checking into hotel, shops and shopping malls do bag searches too. Lots of armed bank guards - haven't seen so many pump-action shotguns outside of a Doom Deathmatch. The Citibank I went too even had a guy with a M-4 (or some other Colt carbine variant)!

Overall, most definitely nicer place than Jakarta! Still feeling gutted about missing end of Beltring, muster at Gunpowder Mills this weekend and Galactica 2 though...

Spotted a Philippine squaddie in Nintendoflage today. It's time to go shopping!

Client took us out for dinner last night. Damned good meal too. Unfortunately, they also took us out boozing too. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Great variety of locations and alcohols. Conclusion - not especially fond of dry Martinis and really not keen on Praerie Fires (tequila shots with tabasco sauce). Urgh, never again on a school night.
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