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I'm getting a bit fed up with the heat. Various people have commented that I should be used to it. Well, yes, but that doesn't mean we actually like it. If I was in Malaysia, I'd have ceiling fans and air conditioning to the max!

Anyway, now that the new PC seems fully operational (just had to play a few extended sessions of Unreal Tournament with settings all maxed out to be sure ;-)), I've been experimenting with DVD authoring software, mainly Nero 6.0 and burned my first disc - pretty simple stuff, four episodes of Space: Above And Beyond with a simple episode selection menu, backdrop and theme background music but it's a start. Unfortunately, my copy of episode 3, Dark Side Of The Sun appears to be unreadable so it's now 2 episodes I'm till looking for in SVCD/MPEG-2 format. Now encoding all the episodes I do have for DVD burning as a background task. Interesting yardstick - the new PC will encode an episode in about 1.5 hours. The Athlon 1.1GHz needs about 3.5-4 hours!

I've also been watching a few episodes of series 4 of The West Wing. This is something I'd seen the odd episode of here and there over the years, I liked it but somehow never got round to watching it regularly. Still firmly of the opinion that it's the ultimate fantasy TV series: the US Administration is run by bright, thoroughly decent honourable professionals who want nothing but the best for the people and country. Hmm... by comparison, the notion of one girl in all the world chosen to protect it from vampires and demons doesn't seem so far fetched by comparison.

Lastly, spent much of today taking photos of various hotels in Cambridgeshire for my sister for potential wedding reception venues. Sheesh. I think it's time to start working again when my sister can call up to ask me to do this sort of errand and be confident I'm free to do so. I do wonder though, how did people do this sort of thing before digital cameras and broadband?
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