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Did make it to the Beer and Blake's 7 meet. Fun evening of geeky conversation, mostly about Galactica though. Unfortunately had to decline invites to barbeques, trips to see Superman Returns at the Imax and the like as they were all while I'll be in the Philippines :-(

Went with Graham to the London Section Intermediates fencing competitions.
Yesterday was the epée and sabre. The latter proved to be just two people so I was kicking myself - I could have entered and been guaranteed at least a third place medal! The novice foil was also kind of bijou - 2 men, 2 women. The men's epée was a more respectable 15. Did awfully though - got knocked out in the first direct elimination, to some extent because I didn't think to check my epée until after the first rest period - it was dead - and I was already 10 points down by then. Rapidly started to narrow the gap but nowhere near fast enough :-( Doh!

Today's foil was another matter entirely though. I was simply outclassed. Period. Went out 15-1 in my first DE and thought that was still progress as it was the first time I'd ever score a hit against that particular chap. Still astounded at how someone that, well, big can move so damned fast!
Also had an amusing moment in the 2nd round seeding pool - Aleksandra was wondering who Looi (all that was written on the sheet) was. Pointed out that was me, to which she responded with disbelief and "Since when?!?" "Er... since birth?"

Strange things you learn when you do car journeys with someone - seems he was one of the key campaigners who got the ban on The Exorcist lifted and he has an IMDB entry from taking part in some Star Wars documentary. Lots of interesting insights into Star Wars fandom too!

After the epée on Saturday, I was planning to head into the LOTNA party to mark the end of the second season of Doctor Who. I'd even made a lunchtime run in to Camden Market during the week to pick up a No. 2 tie to finish off my British Army staff officer uniform. Alas, rushed to the Tube station to discover the Northern Line had been shut down between Camden Town and East Finchley. Cursed, swore and went home via the Chinese takeaway to watch the season finale at home :-(

Anyway, after the foil, headed home and did something I have done way too infrequently - sat out in the back garden with an iced coffee from the local Costa, the laptop and listening to my new 60Gb Creative MP3 jukebox. Most pleasant. Think I may have to try working outside next week. Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing!

Other new toy: playing with a Qtek 8310 a colleague brought back from a project. Sounded interesting - Windows Mobile 5 phone with Wi-Fi onboard. Well, it syncs well with PCs - ActiveSync, already installed for the PDA, picked it up and synced without any problem. However...
  • The Wi-Fi seems to keep forgetting the WEP network key. I've entered it so often I now no longer need to look up the 26 hexadecimal digit string up any more.
  • It's GPRS-only. No UMTS.
  • The text entry (T9 and otherwise) needs refinement. No accented characters without the symbol screen. OK, maybe it's not critical I use an "é" in epée and the like but still... Also, surely, at the start of a message or after a full stop, it'd be handy to default to upper case?
  • The date and time seems to have jumped back in time at least twice so far.
  • Battery life doesn't seem too hot

Need to plug in the Mini-SD card and test out the multimedia side of things but initial impressions: not going to be too sorry to hand this back in. Likely to switch back to the 6680 sooner rather than later and preferred upgrade remains the N80.

Last thing: been watching the World Cup final, with no persuasion required whatsoever. God help me, I was even thinking of heading out to a local pub to watch it there!
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