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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Careful what you wish for... With all the time I've been spending in… 
10th-Jun-2006 08:42 am
Careful what you wish for...

With all the time I've been spending in Stockholm, I was worrying about trying to get more fencing time in before going to Malta on Thursday night. Been notified that next round of London League (foil only though, alas) is on Sunday. Only, instead of the 3-4 matches over an afternoon, we're expected to fence 8 from 9am onwards! Aladdin's have a bloody giraffe!

Well, at least I got to fence on Monday too as I didn't fly out till Sunday night.

Stockholm itself was pretty pleasant this week - gloriously sunny. Have a new love, beer-wise: Spendrups Svart Lager. If I deciphered the label correctly, it's a dark beer, similar to German Schwartzbiers, brewed with Scottish chocolate malt. Very nice indeed. Also amused that, given our delight at finding somewhere on Isle of Wight serving Murphy's, the places I went for dinner both Wednesday and Thursday were serving it. Heh. Couldn't resist texting Kate as a result ;-) Irritatingly, discovered that while the 6680 can resize photos for MMS messages if they're way over the size limit, it seems to barf if the photo is only slightly over so had to wait till I got back to London to send the photographic evidence :-(

Not going to be in Stockholm during the week but Poly gym's out of action for a whole host of reasons which warrant a committee meeting on Monday so no fencing then. Need to check if I can get to City or similar for a final session before Malta!

New toy: Got the new mobo/CPU/GPU etc all assembled last weekend. Not sure but I think the whole CPU/cooler/motherboard installation process is less tricky than it used to be. Anyway, so far so good but this weekend comes the black magic bit: overclocking the Opteron's ass to the max. Wish me luck... Well, at least this means when it comes to repeating the process for Kate's gear, it should be straightforward. Yeah, right...
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