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Still bringing PC up to speed. Been copying ~70Gb worth of MP3s, videos and other docs across the network the last 12+ hours and it's still only about 80% done. I'd simply fit the hard disk to the new PC but I couldn't convince the new mobo not to boot off it. Seems there's no way to specify a SATA device as boot device over a ATA one and my drives have to be on the SATA controller because they're set up as a RAID-1 :-( Sigh. I remember when 10Mbps seemed pretty fast.

I went to the gym for the first time in [cough cough cough]. Ouch, that hurt. The trainer who was sorting me out a programme asked me my objectives. "To be able to finish a fencing bout and not collapse afterwards" and to shed some of this weight and gut...

Also found out my blood pressure is pretty high. Time to arrange an appointment with my doctor, also for the the first time in [cough cough cough].

Oh, for anyone who worries that we airsofters are a bunch of way too serious militaristic nutters, see these new, alternative hand signals. We are not that serious!
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