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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Urgh. Drunk. Seems that things are fine if/when I meet up with either… 
17th-Apr-2006 09:42 pm
Urgh. Drunk. Seems that things are fine if/when I meet up with either Simon or Kate but meeting up with both results in seriously excessive beer consumption levels. Nonetheless, been an extremely enjoyable last few days - fencing, skirmishing, geeking out and way too much beer.

Multiple cuts for excessive length!


Headed over to Saxon for fencing as Poly's shut for Easter hols. The guys there correctly surmised that, if Kate and I were there, Poly must be closed. We concluded we need to turn up some time when Poly isn't shut... Still, good evening's fencing. Always great to fence different people but interesting thing is that people who gave me lots of grief or simply just a kicking on previous visits, I beat. Guess fencing twice a week (Poly) versus once a week (Saxon) eventually makes a difference.

Hope we weren't considered antisocial at the pub afterwards. Because it was crowded, we kind of got cut off so Kate and I pretty much just chatted about the usual subjects (BSG, Civil War re-enactment, airsofting etc). This new late licensing thing is kind of scary too - popped to the loo, came back and realised a) everyone else had gone and b) it was 11.20. Looks like I'd come to depend on the bar staff calling last orders to know when to go home!

Got back to find that the piece of analysis I sent in just before going to fencing was accepted pretty much as is so looks like that's it - I'm effectively now on gardening leave.


Simon headed up for Easter weekend as he was at a loose end and some of us had discussed going to Urban Assault. We ended up exploring some of the pubs in East Finchley/Muswell Hill and a random Indian place for dinner. Scary thing - been lving here for some 20 years and there's pubs and restaurants I've never been to simply because I know nobody who lives round here!


Headed up to Airsoft Armoury again in the morning as Simon had a hankering for a pistol (picked up a gas blowback Sig). Got off lightly - just grabbed a waist holster. We then headed off into London to the pub meet, via Forbidden Planet and a few bookshops. Pub meet was the usual sort of fun affair, livened up when we suddenly realised Nicholas Courtney was in the pub, complete with much prairie dogging from our booth as we tried to confirm it was him. We did eventually and he seemed pleased that we'd recognised him. Later on, we were joined by Kate in her first attendance at a pub meet. Eventually, Simon, jmswallow and I headed off home to get ready for the trip to Urban Assault. Regretably, discovered at this rather late stage Dave couldn't join us after all. Damned unfortunate as, if we'd known earlier, I could have offered a lift to either vireton or lapinenoireuk who both wanted to go.


Good day at Urban Assault. Got to pick up my upgraded SA-80 (but not Dave's or Cookie's as, despite it being my name and credit card details on the receipt, it was Cookie's name on the boxes!). Performing very nicely though, clocking in at c. 295fps. Games-wise, there was less faffing about between games than last time and the site also seems to have acquired a couple of PT-76 tanks (immobile and non-functional, alas). There was also a chap there with an airsoft claymore mine. I want one! It'd go so well with my ARVN Ranger outfit!

Donna, one of the regulars, made a wonderful comment when a marshal asked if anyone had found a standard MP-5 mag and speedloader: "Who'd be using lo-caps on a Spray-And-Pray Sunday?!?"

Had one minor scare when Jim temporarily mislaid my Tac Master but he quickly found it again. Just needs to be stripped down and cleaned (it'd fallen into some sand).

On the other hand, while I do like Urban Assault as a site, I do feel a desire to explore/visit other sites, preferably urban rather than woodland ones, just for a change. I also found that I rather miss a detailed background context for the scenarios rather than the generic "capture building X" etc ones.

Anyway, after getting back, Simon and I then headed into central London to meet Kate for yet more beers (she'd been working). Starting to spot a pattern here?


We headed down to London Bridge to meet Kate. Plan was to go see London Dungeon but the queue was stupidly long so we went to the Britain At War exhibit down the road. Pretty interesting stuff on the home front during the Second World War but it could do with a bit of polishing up. Someone there also needs to be told that plurals do not have apostrophes! Also visited the Clink museum. Wow. Talk about deeply unpleasant. Interesting to note the Bishop of Winchester essentially ran brothels!

We then wandered along the river bank - Blackfriars, NFT etc, stopping for lunch and beers (Broadside! A couple of dogs in the pub seemed to adopt me too!) along the way before ending up at the Hole In The Wall at Waterloo for yet more beer (caught a bit of grief for asking her to get me a Ramrod and Special when it was her round!) and pinball (God, I sucked...) before Simon had to catch his train back home.

So, great fun but definitely way too much beer! Still not watched Doctor Who yet...
18th-Apr-2006 05:27 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a far more productive Bank Holiday than mine, and you got to see the Brigadier as well. Not bad. At least I got to see Doctor Who live as it were.

It's just unfortunate that they scheduled the weekend a week before I get paid.
18th-Apr-2006 05:57 pm (UTC)
If I'd known he was going to be there, I'd have brought my UNIT ID card for him to sign! Of course, Simon had his on him but didn't feel like going up to him :-)
19th-Apr-2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
just a friendly reminder that I want to book a place the next time you go airsofting please...

as for the the airsoft claymore mine - sounds like it could be as bad as the real thing
19th-Apr-2006 05:34 pm (UTC)
Sure. You going to wear some funky South African kit?
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