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Slightly disappointing trip to Airsoft Armoury. Not a lot of jumping out at us shouting "Must have!", most probably just as well in my case given my last post. There's not really any weapons I can think of I want, bar a Webley revolver or a Bren gun and I can't see any manufacturer coming out with one of those any time soon.

Interesting to see what *was* available though. Definitely seems like emphasis has shifted to all the exotic special forces/SWAT kit i.e. modular vests, thigh holsters etc whereas what I was after was more mundane stuff like belt holsters or webbing ammo pouches. Likewise, Kate was looking for a compact pistol, something smaller than her Tac Master but these were conspicuous by their absence. There was some weird new murky green grey digital camouflage on display but it didn't grab me. Me: "A rare event: a digital camo that I don't like." Kate: "Welcome to my world..." Bloody cheek.

So, only picked up a hi-cap mag for the M-16 and/or the SA-80 and a battery for the AUG in the end while Vinny got a gas USP and Kate dropped off her SA-80 for service and repair.

We also picked up fliers for a London indoor urban site (in Epsom?!?). On the way back, Kate burst out laughing. Turns out the site is run by the guy who built her SA-80 some years back. Once upon a time, the only way to get a decent SA-80 was to get a FAMAS gearbox and put it into a springer shell and he specialised in this conversion.

Now, I made the intial contacts as I knew him from a visit to a woodland site and the forums but I made it clear the job was for a friend. Yet, when we got there, he kept talking to just me, no matter how hard I kept trying to steer him back to Kate. Even as we were leaving, he asked *me* for my mobile number.

Kate thus reckons we should go along and see if a) he recognises her and b) he will talk to her otherwise acknowledge her existence! I figure, yeah, what the Hell, that'll be a hoot!

Then headed in to LOTNA meet. Heh. Bit sparsely attended compared with usual but still had a fun evening geeking out about Galactica, V For Vendetta, airsofts, Laser Tag and so on. Got advice from Dave and Tim on fitting a Laser Tag setup into the shell of the broken crappy Academy SA-80 (this crappy Korean AEG was the other route to a SA-80...). Sounds like a fun project, especially as they were keen for me to make Dropzone. Must remember to call Airsoft Armoury though - offered to swap the red dot SUSAT replica from my Academy SA-80 for the plain plastic one on Kate's.
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