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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Shooty shooty! 
2nd-Apr-2006 11:01 pm
Fire select
Wasted much of Saturday playing Quake 4, otherwise tidying up in anticipation of arrival of John and Vinnie who were crashing over before we headed up to Urban Assault the next day.

Today was my first skirmish of the year. It was fun to be doing it again but the day seemed to have a higher faff factor than usual - more time spent sitting around waiting for things to start. Still, fun - I've missed this.

Highlight of the day was my shiny new Star full metal body electric L-85A2 aka SA-80, courtesy of Firesupport. I'd been drooling after one for a while and so had Cookie and Dave. Then Cookie worked out we could get a pretty decent discount if we ordered together so we did... 2 L-85A2 assault rifles for Dave and myself and the L-86A2 Light Support Weapon for Cookie. Bit of excitement though as Barclaycard initially blocked the transaction (I was ordering on behalf of all three of us) as suspicious. Can't think why...

Heh. Between us and Kate's and Simon's, looks like the SA-80 or variants are now most common Team Sheep weapon! There were also quite a few of them in evidence today. Guess there really was a lot of demand for a decent SA-80 after all.

The gun itself is a lovely, solid piece of kit. The attention to detail is incredible, right down to the detailing on the gas piston (total cosmetic in an electric airsoft), a replica of the actual supplied multitool for stripping the gun and a cover for the SUSAT sight. Also loved the way the spring can be easily removed and replaced with more or less powerful ones, depending on the sites limits. Wonderful hard carry case too (Cookie's not best pleased that the LSW doesn't include one though). Only downsides: Changing the battery entails removing the foregrip so no quick field changes. It's also pretty heavy (all that metal in the body) - my arms were pretty stiff from carrying it around all day - never happened before, not even with the AUG.

Anyway, it's gone back with the Firesupport guys to complete the upgrades to the internals. Guess I should have taken photos... Getting it back will be one Hell of an incentive to turn up to the next Urban Assault day in a couple of weeks.

Noticed a lot more people in Nintendoflage today. All in MARPAT or ACU though. Turned out I was the only one in CADPAT (suppose I really should have worn DPM though, given I was carrying the SA-80, even if it is terribly common ;-)). OTOH, maybe I should dig out the weirder stuff I have for next time, like the Malaysian jungle or Singaporean woodland kit.

Also made sure I took a GPS fix for the site so that should avoid any future issues with navigating there.

Now, time to crawl into bed...
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Apr-2006 10:19 am (UTC)
It's always do-able!
3rd-Apr-2006 09:58 am (UTC)
Let me know when you're going up there again.
3rd-Apr-2006 10:20 am (UTC)
Will do. Most likely next trip will be in 2 weeks (they alternate each weekend between the urban and woodland sites and we prefer urban) so we can collect our upgraded weapons!
6th-Apr-2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
OK, we've started discussing going back to Urban Assault on Sunday 16 May. I do want my L-85A2 back! Are you free that day? Would you need transportation? Where do you live? And what weapon did you get in the end?
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