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Bloody PCs!

Crap! Crap! Crap! After much painstaking assembling of my new PC bits (man, I hate fitting heat sinks to CPUs), I hit the power switch and... exactly the same thing as with the old, dead PC - nothing on the screen, no response from power switch, the only way to reset the machine was the mains switch. Getting a sudden wave of panic under control (potentially frying an Athlon XP3000+ ain't funny...), it occured to me only component currently installed common to the old machine was the video card.

Sure enough, after quickly substituting in the GeForce 4 MX420 from the PVR box, it booted up fine. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck... My Chaintech GeForce 4 Ti4600 is clearly no more :-(

Argh. Time to research video cards. Guess this also means potentially the old 1GHz Athlon may not be dead after all.

Sometimes I really hate PCs...
Tags: rant, tech

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