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Interesting night at fencing. Not too many people about so we were fencing on full length pistes for a change. Makes a big difference, having all that space to move around in. Kate also chose to do some epée. Dear God, that was hard work. If the bout hadn't ended when it did, I would have collapsed and she wasn't even breathing hard. More work on fitness called for, I think...

Another couple of broken spools so we were down to two pistes. Dragged them home, making for a total of 5 knackered spools at home. Must look into courses for learning to repair these wretched things ourselves.

Up to Basingstoke to see the Levellers. Highly enjoyable but really not what I was expecting - from what I'd heard of their music, stories Jo and Kate had told me about their gigs and what I'd see on Folk Brittania, I really wasn't expecting a rather posh theatre as the venue! Having difficulty getting Plastic Jesus out of my head now...

Drove down to Leon Paul with the spools and to pick up a couple of new ones, only to find that, because of their impending move on Monday, they weren't taking in any kit for repairs and didn't have any new spools to sell so the trip was a total washout. Leon Paul doesn't expect to be open again till Friday or Saturday so that means we'll still be on only two pistes all next week.

I decided to stop by at Wolf Armouries and had a look at the new Star metal body L-85A2/SA-80. I think I'm in love. A lovely, substantial piece of kit. Not only is the weapon body metal, it's steel, not aluminium. The optional SUSAT sight is also looked and felt great. I want! Bloody expensive though. Gah. May have to look into a Hong Kong order.

This week's BSG (2x18, Downloaded) - all I'll say is: wow. Pretty damned interesting. Still trying to work up the will to watch SG-1 2x18 rather than another episode in the great Babylon 5 re-watching project.

Otherwise, was tied up with work-related background reading before popping down to Euston late evening to meet Kate, DT, John and others for a few beers at the Head of Steam and a lot of fun discussion.

Orange still haven't sorted out my mobile problem bar the odd phone call to reassure me they're still trying to figure out how their home location register managed to deregister my phone number and that once the problem is resolved, they'll arrange a refund of some sort. Too bloody right they will...
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