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OK, this just gets weirder. Hell, if it wasn't my connection playing up, I might find it quite interesting. Anyway, called Orange again on account of no one having called me back as promised. Allegedly, technical support had "just" called back to say that, apparently, my number is no longer "correctly registered" to Orange (more pressing of the call centre guy suggests Orange has managed to lose my number from its system) and they're at a loss to explain it and that notes are being raised with IT while they try to figure out if it's my SIM or a back-end IT problem. Hey, one easy way to find out: send me ****** SIM! The guy said he was off to talk to IT and promised to call me back within 10-15 minutes or tomorrow morning at the latest. I know which I consider more likely. Bah.

On a more cheerful note, met up with various fencers at Ben Crouch's for drinks last night, mainly because one of our number who's been missing a while with work and other things wanted to catch up. Anyway, enjoyable evening, also made progress about sorting out arrangements for Levellers tomorrow at Basingstoke, Malta, Beltring and various other upcoming events.
Tags: rant, tech

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