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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Well, fencing wasn't too bad after all. Still a bit more cramped than… 
3rd-Feb-2006 03:01 pm
Looi Kin-Ming
Well, fencing wasn't too bad after all. Still a bit more cramped than usual but at least it's only for one more week and then the gym should be refloored. Slightly irritating as the gym floor's been shite for the last several years but it took some kid getting injured for the University to get off its arse and do something. Something wrong that, while Jo's had my lamé jacket, I've been doing more foil than I have in a while! Epée went quite well too. Even beat both Trevor and Rob and held Antony to 14-15.

Was debating going to the Beer & Blake's 7 pub meet this evening. Kate had expressed an interest too but she's texted to say it's going to be a long day at work so I figure I'll head down early to Horsham for the weekend instead.

A pleasant surprise: Got a letter this morning confirming final payment for the car had been made. Woohoo! Don't imagine I'll have too much trouble finding a use for that £200+ a month...
(Deleted comment)
4th-Feb-2006 06:55 pm (UTC)
Not exactly. As Sally's probably told you by now, more an excuse to check out David's new Xbox 360 and wreak some networked virtual carnage with our PCs!
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