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And so it begins...

How will it end?

Bloody well hoping the answer's not "In fire". Have signed the employment contract, posted it off back to the US and sent a reply email with times for a conference call to discuss onboarding issues. Guess my freelance days are done. Weird thing is that my most likely first project will be the same oil company I'm currently working for!

Went to the monthly London Farscape meet. Bit on the small side, just 5 of us but still a pleasant way to spend the evening. Spent a large chunk of the evening talking Blake's 7 with Ally, mainly because she started to give me shit about not actually having attended one of the Beer & Blake's 7 meets yet. Working on it...

Kate, Jo and I originally planned to go to fence at Saxon tonight. However, Jo's dropped out due to injury and Rob says the University's promised us more space tonight and Kate was keen to see the guys at Poly so we figure we'll give Poly another try, much to Mel's relief who was apparently getting nervous about us visiting Saxon where she's doing the novice course. She seemed to believe we'd laugh and mock. Yeah, right...

New toy: After way too long missing being able to plug my MP3 jukebox into the car stereo as I could with my previous car, I now have a Belkin Tunecast II FM transmitter. Seems to work OK but I need to put a bit more effort into finding suitable blank frequencies. Sound quality's still nowhere near as good as from an aux input socket so I suspect I'll still ending up upgrading the car stereo anyway.

New games: Picked up FEAR and Viet Cong 2. Not installed either yet but am dreading the former's performance on my PC.

PC thoughts. Partly as a result of the about, have been busy reading the likes of Custom PC, AnandTech and so on contemplating PC upgrades. I'm particularly intrigued by all the reports of entry level Socket 939 Opterons, both single and double core, consistently overclocking to FX-57 and X2 4800 levels even with air cooling, but at a fraction the cost. Hmm... might be an interesting option... Still trying to figure out why I should care about SLI or Crossfire on the graphics front. I mean, 2 x £350 or so for video cards just so I can crank up the resolution, detail levels and anti-aliasing a bit more?!? Jeez.
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