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Fencing Monday: Gym still out of action. We were put into a very elegant wood-panelled room. Very nice, very Die Another Day but nonetheless still too small. Last word was that, come Thursday we'll be back in smaller rooms so Kate, Jo and I have decided we're off to Saxon instead.

April continues to be most amusing to chat to (side effect of not enough space for us all to fence at the same time). She seems to still have issues grasping just how old I am but has at least progressed from thinking I'm a student to asking if I was over 30! Heh. Few more weeks and she may finally comprehend ;-) Still, she was taken aback when she asked how long I'd been fencing at Poly and I replied since 2000. It then occurred to me that's probably 20-25% of her total life. Man, that's depressing... OTOH, what with her being younger and fitter, one might reasonably expect her to have gone for the usual 15 hits when fencing rather than a mere 10! Oh, and was my usual suave, sophisticated self. Just before we started the bout, she asked if I liked her new headband. "Eh? Very... er... fetching...". Class...

Some good news:
1. Car went in for its first ever MOT today and passed with no problems.
2. While I wasn't planning to go, looks like I'll be at GMEX all weekend after all. Received an offer I couldn't refuse!
3. Tickets for Galactica Two went on sale today. Needless to say, have booked my ticket already.

Damn. Fell asleep on the sofa again. Must get out of this habit.
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