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The Necromingicon
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Observations on recent SG-1, SG:A and BSG (no major spoilers) 
22nd-Jan-2006 08:20 pm
I'd started BSG 2x13 (Epiphanies) downloading before heading off to the pub and, of course, had to watch it as soon as I got home. Wonderful stuff yet again. Some iffy-sounding science but nothing I couldn't live with.

SG:A's still proving watchable but not especially brilliant. Competent but unspectacular.

Now, I was a week behind on my SG-1 but decided to put it on anyway. What a surprise. It was actually rather good. Is it a coincidence that it was a standalone episode, involving neither the Ori nor the Jaffa? ;-)
22nd-Jan-2006 09:34 pm (UTC) - SG No 9.13 ?
If it`s that one, I found it quite entertaining, dispite a feeling of `been there, done that`. And a favourite character being back for it.

What did you think of Galactica ? I wondered how they would continue with one character...
23rd-Jan-2006 09:19 am (UTC) - Re: SG No 9.13 ?
No, 9x12, the one with Cam accused of murdering a scientist.

Overall, I liked BSG 2x13 a lot but thought that character's deliverance was a tad too quick and complete!
23rd-Jan-2006 07:43 pm (UTC) - Re: SG No 9.13 ?
I agree, but it was not ...unexpected.
Makes a mess of part of the plot tho.
24th-Jan-2006 09:39 am (UTC) - Re: SG No 9.13 ?
Does it? At this point, it's not clear whether she's cured, in remission or been given a temporary respite ie needs ongoing injections
23rd-Jan-2006 10:50 am (UTC)
*covers eyes*
ta for the dvd - we watched them last night (watched 10 after getting back from the pub)
I actually didn't want out go to the Ship cos I wanted to watched those 2 episodes. We eventually watched them after getting back from the CoC game last night.
23rd-Jan-2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
BSG 2x13 ??? that's not due until... ummm...
crap, 2 days ago. I thought I'd forgotten something!

SG:A is thoroughly ignorable, gave up on it a while ago, I'll watch it if I bump into it.

SG-1 2x13 was pretty good, but what's the betting that they quickly forget that they know how to do that.
23rd-Jan-2006 04:03 pm (UTC)
Did you mean SG-1 9x13? If so, just watched it and, yes, it was pretty good. Interestingly, yet again, no real involvement of the Ori or Jaffa, just mentions in passing!
23rd-Jan-2006 04:12 pm (UTC)
2x... 9x... only seven years out!
I'm fairly happy for the Ori & Jaffa to be in the background, they've contributed to some of the weakest episodes this season.
24th-Jan-2006 10:46 am (UTC)
They are proving a serious drag on the current season!
24th-Jan-2006 05:40 pm (UTC)
Just remember, every Saturday morning, kick off your BSG download! And SG-1 and SG:A if you can be arsed ;-)
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