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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Saturday: went to the LOTNA pub meet. Appeared to shock a few people… 
17th-Jan-2006 11:25 am
Looi Kin-Ming
Saturday: went to the LOTNA pub meet. Appeared to shock a few people by doing so. Guess my attendance has been a tad sporadic of late. Very silly but enjoyable Play-doh game: sort of like SF-themed charades with Play-doh!

Monday: Busy day.
First thing was to get latest and hopefully last draft of the wireless broadband strategy document out in the morning.

Next, ~1.5 hours or so mugging up on comms regulation and spectrum policy before first interview, at Ofcom. Went better than last time I was there but still not too sure how it went. Heh. I even had a PC-based verbal reasoning test!

Then camped out in a coffee shop to take a progress call on the mobile data project with someone about to depart to Baku.

Next, over to the Hilton Paddington for a meeting to discuss possible start projects with one of my current prospective employers. Seemed to go reasonably well, we'll speak again on Friday which coincidentally is when my other prospective employer is due to call back on refining their job offer!

Jumped on the Tube to head back to collect my kit and turn right around to get to fencing. With the benefit of hindsight, I guess I should have taken it in and put in left luggage or similar. However, while I was in, I quickly checked my mail and found a US mobile telecoms consultancy I sent my CV to ages ago had finally come back and wanted to see me next Monday at, yep, the Hilton Paddington!

Fencing itself was pretty grim. Even for a first night back, my performance was crap. In addition, a chap misses a few nights and comes back to find large amounts of electric equipment non-functional. Joys of being an armourer. Sigh.

At least I provided some entertainment: Kate asked if I was likely to be going to Leon Paul anytime soon. I confirmed I was - an epée needs repair - so she asked me to get her a couple of "left-handed foil body wires". There is no such thing, any more than there are left- or right-handed mains leads! Turned out she'd said that to try to provoke "that look" (apparently a sort of quizzical, uncomprehending stare) which I had delivered perfectly. Cue much laughter from her and Jo. "I've missed that look..." Sigh.

Also started to give Sarah grief at the pub afterwards about not having emailed me that reference on the ARVN she'd promised me end of last term. She however insisted she had indeed done so. Oh well, have asked her to resend.
17th-Jan-2006 01:33 pm (UTC)
reminds me : how do you get into Wolf conventions? print out the email or what? I just have a 'yes, you're confirmed' email from wolf after having chased them a bit.

also watched BSG. argh, nerves in that bit post-battle! and seriously nice Gaius/other Six interaction, though was a bit shocked when I realised what she was clearly going to do after she knocked that guard out. Still, here's hoping that behaviour on the Pegasus is better towards civilians and everyone else now that Adama's in charge. Also have been reading too much Patrick O'Brien, because I went 'noooo, someone in charge of more than one vessel is a commodore. Admiral is if you're in charge of the fleet.' Which, er, he is, it's just the difference in terms.
17th-Jan-2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
I believe SOP these days is that you need the confirmation number that should have been in the confimation email message. Then again, the last Wolf event I went to, G1, was ultra relaxed on account of very low numbers. Cut-off for the meet-and-greet was were you there and did you want to go in? :-)

Re: ranks, well, BSG's rank system's already rather frakked courtesy of the original series ie Commander Adama vs Colonel Tigh vs Captain Apollo etc. Could also be Roslin once again showing her self-confessed lack of knowledge about military matters. Let's face it, if you were Adama, would you tell her, "No, Madam President, you're mistaken, you should only promote me to Commodore"? ;-)
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