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And here comes a late bid for Moron of the Year

Yep, here I am in Kuala Lumpur and my Big Bag O' Mains Chargers... is not. Yep, I currently have no means of recharging my MP3 jukebox, digital camera or PDA. At least for the two most important bits of kit, the laptop charger always goes in the laptop bag and Nokia phone chargers are readily available. Guess I may need to do some shopping in a hurry. Trouble is the PDA's a Dell so will be mail order only, the camera and MP3 jukebox are kind of old now so I'm not sure how readily available chargers will be...

Damn, I knew the trip over had been too smooth so far, seat next to and behind family with hyper kids and screaming baby on London-Bangkok flight not withstanding...
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