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Monday - bunked off fencing to go see the Three Emperors exhibition at the Royal Academy with Liz. We'd already planned to go see it but she then got given tickets for a private showing. Free entry: Even better! Wonderful collection of artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, robes, furnishings, weapons, jewelry, and probably a lot more that slips my mind offhand, from the reigns of Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong. Highly recommended! Funny, while walking round and talking to Liz, I discovered I appeared to remember rather more Chinese history than I thought... Anyway, we also had the option of looking at the Munch exhibition but she was tired and I had an early morning flight to Aberdeen the next morning so we headed off for a quick dinner and then headed off home.

Tuesday - Stupid O'Clock flight to Aberdeen, cooled my heels in reception for an hour or so (got on with some work, seems like the Aberdeen and Sunbury offices have a common WEP key for the wireless network) as the chaps I was there to see had meetings beforehand. Ours lasted about 2.5 hours but they had other things to rush to and they couldn't leave me in the building on my own - lowly external and all that so it was back down to reception, quick re-arrangement of my flight and back to London. This beats even my day trip to Utrecht for corporate indulgence! At least I got a more or less full day's work in on-site on that trip!

Wednesday - Weird stuff. An ex-colleague mailed me a heads-up to expect a contact from a headhunter. Two minutes later, the headhuter emailed. Quick phone call and CV exchange later, I'd arranged to meet him the following morning. Then, in the afternoon, I got a mail from the headhunter who got me my last job and who I hadn't heard from in ~4.5 years, asking me to call her next week. Huh.

In the evening, down to Holborn to meet Kate, Simon B (who was in town for UML training) and DT for beer and airsoft/ECW geekery. Gave Simon and DT some grief about how they'd bugged me for years to try English Civil War re-enactment a try, I finally succumb and I haven't seen them at a muster all Summer. Amusingly, our meanderings round pubs took us to the Shakespeare Head, giving DT and I a chance to indulge in the Kopparburg pear cider, somewhat to Kate's and Simon's distaste! Also handed over the Civil War DVD I'd picked up at the National Army Museum to Kate to play spot the re-enactor.

Today - had that interview. Not quite right for the exact position in question but the guy thinks his client will still be interested. About what I was expecting/hoping, to be honest. Now, to start getting ready for my final fencing session of the year! Shame I'll miss the Christmas party as I'll be in KL by then.
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