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Post-Serenity 2 week

Long post.

Post-con, had a load of work to do so I had to pack, turf out Pooks (really must find out what her preferred form of address is...) and check out of the hotel somewhat earlier than I suspect either of us would have liked.

Had third round phone interview with the US company. Seemed to go well.

Still, managed to get to fencing for my usual post-con detox. Highlight of the evening: something to top the second place epée team medal I got for pretty much showing up (there were only two teams) - Jo S presented me with a third place medal from the London League competition whose final was on the Sunday of the con. Heh. A medal without even showing up. Nice!

MD of the US company emailed to set up a meet in London next week while he's over. Also asked for references. Sounding good.

Bit of a grim day at fencing. Virtually no epéeists there. Had only fenced one bout against Trevor when Rob arrived 30 minutes before end. By the time he'd sorted admin stuff and got changed, there was only 10 mins to go, not enough time to set out another piste and both in use were already occupied. Fortunately, Kate took pity on us and surrendered one of the pistes. Just as well, with the team epée competition coming up that Sunday.

Got disabused of a major misconception at the pub afterwards. I'd been slow to try musket at re-enactment because of the thought of splashing £350-400 on a musket. Kate pointed out the regiment has several and various people have spares they're happy to lend out. Guess I may be trying it after all. All this because I'd drawn a comparison with the newly announced cost of the Star L-85 (aka SA-80) airsoft. Looks like a lovely piece of kit - metal body and all - but £419 for the basic gun plus another £100 for a replica SUSAT sight (and let's face it, a L-85 just needs to have a SUSAT!)! Too rich for my blood but I suspect I'll succumb in due course...

Headed up to an fencing armourers' course up at the former USAF base at Upper Heyford with Linh. A very interesting day, learning about maintaining and repairing foils. Really need a course on spools and scoring equipment though.

Rushed back to London and headed straight in to con-goers pub meet. Could have gone better. Kate had expressed interest in going but got detained at work, bumped into Jim and Mandy heading to Tube station, learned I'd missed Pooks and caught Tors, Liz and Taz as they were heading to the L Word con party. One brief viewing of my con photos later, it was just Heather and myself but nonetheless, had a very interesting chat about lifespans and longevity of different fandoms with her.

Met with Rob and Graham at London Bridge to head down to Whitgift for the team epée competition. Weird feeling heading to Whitgift again after all these years - along with Brentwood, they used to whup our asses in the annual triangular match every year at school! We got a hammering but it was good fun, although my arm was starting to get painful again towards the end. Nice to catch up with Liz S too, had to give her shit for defecting to London Thames though! We did notice quite a few female fencers (it was ladies individual epée today as well as mens team) seemed prone to very shrill, high pitch screeches or squeals when they won or lost points. Most disconcerting...

Anyway, got eliminated early on so we retired to the pub where I discovered that Graham's a massive Star Wars geek who frequents the Collectormania-type events. Rob's also keen to come to a con now, having seen my Serenity 2 photos...
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