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Brown trousers time and interesting priorities

Forgot to mention, must have been so traumatic I blocked it from my memory: On Monday night, when I got back from fencing, I booted up the main PC and got told that hal.dll was corrupt or missing and so XP wouldn't boot. Talk about serious gut wrench time. Now, here's the weirdest thing. The thing I was most concerned about losing was my China Beach episodes, so carefully downloaded and hoarded over the last few years!

Still, it all worked out well in the end. Went to sleep, woke up, performed various necrogeekery rites and managed to use the repair console and chkdsk to fix the problem. Just about. All I know is, I'm backing the China Beach episodes to DVD+Rs as I type. At 5 episodes per disc and 62 episodes (so far, only 2 more and I'll have a complete set!), that's going to be a lot of discs but it needs to be done...

Also got berated by Kate for my lack of backups when I was examining her PC on Wednesday as I've promised her a set if/when I sort out burning proper DVDs!

Oh, and screwed up today's interview good and proper. Clearly badly out of practice with case study interviews. It should have been a cakewalk - nothing too technical, Hell, it was a fun one about estimating how many wagons of supplies Napoleon would need to march his army 100 miles to Moscow. Ah well, I think it's time I resigned myself to the notion that my days as a full-time employee consultant are over.
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