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Been a busy few days work-wise. The oil company I've been working for has basically decided to put me on a full-time retainer till at least the end of the year and is even sorting me out a network ID and intranet logon. Seems they figured there'd be more than enough they could get me to do. Had first example yesterday afternoon - quick message telling me to see what I could find out about cell location technologies and services. This is proving to be fun.

Attended my first fencing club committee meeting on Monday. Well, at least it was brief. Jo seemed especially anxious to know what I knew about whether Kate was coming fencing or not. On further questioning, she revealed she was expecting return of a couple of Levellers CDs. All made much more sense ;-) I was also rather taken aback when she asked me if I knew much about PCs. Turned out she was trying to subtly work up to asking if I could come round and replace a broken DVD-ROM drive...

Also got an email from Kate mentioning at long last she'd have a day off the next day and so could I come round to take a look at her PC. Alas, had conference calls and web seminars scheduled so she suggested that evening for beers and PC inspection. Well, I'd agreed to do a focus group for Imperial College on their alumni services. So, tough choice, huh? ;-) Yep, off to Ealing! Did the usual necrogeekery things and went out for beers while running an AV check (a mere three infected files this time).

Alas, heard today that while the PC is indeed booting up fine now, she's now having problems running video edit sequences with Avid. Shit. Looks like I must have broken something else :-(

Been experimenting with the coconut, soya, scotch and Baileys Mudders' Milk recipe. Seems OK, so I guess I'll be mixing up a couple of bottles' worth for the weekend. The design for the "Oh my God, they killed Wash, the bastards!" t-shirt is done, just need a new colour ink cartridge.

Guess I'll pick one up tomorrow on my way back from the job interview, with a telecoms and media consultancy. Also got a second telephone interview with a guy from the American outfit and, on top of that, one of his colleagues has emailed that he wants to set up a phone interview too.

Oh, and Galactica's been officially renewed for season 3. Frakking A!

Right, back to interview prep.
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