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Been a busy few days. Nothing terribly constructive though.

On Friday, I went back to Beltring with Nick to continue looking round. I then went from there to Horsham for a weekend of network gaming and just general hanging out with Sally, David and Karen.
Alas, the network gaming thing didn't happen as a whole load of titles, including ones which had worked fine previously, were prone to frequent and irritating pauses.

On Sunday, when I got back, the PC then just died after an attempted power down and up cycle. As in PSU fans blowing, drives doing their power-on recalibrations but nothing else, not even an error beep.

So, bad news is it looks like my primary PC will need a new motherboard, CPU and RAM.
Good news is it looks like my primary PC will need a new motherboard, CPU and RAM ;-)
I have thus been researching these components. Currently looking at an Asus A7N8X deluxe, Athlon XP3000+ and 1Gb of PC2700 DDR RAM but any recommendations for a good high-ish end set of components welcome!

In the meantime, fortunately, one thing this house isn't short of is networked PCs!

Parcelfarce attempted to deliver the Pulse Rifle on Friday but I was at Horsham. I called today and said I'd collect it from the depot. Sure enough, when I got there, I found it had been sent out on a van for delivery...

Anyway, I got it in the end. Hmm... not quite what I expected. First of all, I was expecting it to be pre-assembled. No matter, I started assembling it using the guide on the retailer's website. That's when I discovered they weren't as comprehensive as they looked - had to backtrack a couple of times because some components' purpose only became clear through a process of elimination! The selection of screws provided didn't seem quite right either but, fortunately, I had plenty from various PC and airsoft projects and found enough of the right sort.

The biggest problem is that the LED counter appears to be missing! So, tomorrow, I do a few test shots with a chrono to ensure the power upgrade has been fitted, then a slightly irate email to the retailer to ask where the Hell the LED counter is!

That said, it does look lovely though!

I also went to see The Hulk this evening with Liz and Verity whose X-Men obsession appears to rival mine. In fact, it was at least partly due to the latter's goading that I fell off the wagon and became an active X-fan once more.

The film itself was rather disappointing - seems like it couldn't quite make up its mind on whether to focus on the psychological/philsophical or the "Hulk smash!" aspects and ended up being unstaisfactory from either perspective. The new origin story also felt unnecessarily and confusingly complex.

Still, loved the trailer for American Pie 3!
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